Own Your Emotional Competence

#1 Understand

#2 Interact

#3 Own

Stop arguing about what a good man should be - Become one

Loving Partner.jpg
A Loving Partner

Become the man your partner fell in love with

A Caring Dad

Your kids deserve the most attentive, caring and tender father they can possibly get. Are you?

A Loyal Friend

There is nothing more valuable than a friendship with solid values and a deep trust

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A Trustworthy Leader

Lead by example. Emotionally balanced, calm and determined

What if I told you that it is easier to do than you think?

With this e-book, you can discover your emotions and become acquainted with them.

E-Book - Own Your Emotional Competence

What Clients Say


Daniel is amazing to work with.

He helped me to see my strengths and also some cycles that were holding me back.

He is very approachable and easy to talk to about all matters related to life and career goals.

Daniel is an insightful, thoughtful and caring coach.

1. Understand Your Story
Imagine there are no obstacles anymore

Understanding your story means understanding your emotions. All the resources, creativity, courage, and the happiness are lying within your emotions, and your expression, not in your skillset or in your education.

Let’s understand how your story shaped you. By diving into your story you’ll get deeper knowledge about your emotions.

You are the book. Let’s go beyond the title!

Understanding your emotions leads to understanding your SELF.

2. Interact With Your Emotions
Discover that your emotions are Your Capital

Discover that your emotions are your property, your trait. They are part of your resources. Becoming a friend of your emotions means becoming the CEO of your life. Interact and play with them. Only emotions allow us to produce the highest amount of energy a human being can emit.

Their energy is so powerful that you can literally move your life in another direction. They are your greatest resource and by interacting and integrating them, you get fully empowered.

Get that divine energy into action! Getting clear about the role of your emotions makes you unleash your full potential.

3. Own Your Emotional Competence
Own your emotions and thoughts

Own your emotions and thoughts. Know you create them. You are now familiar with them. You are not your emotions, you own them.

You are a powerful divine being on a journey with thoughts and emotions. You are the creator. Own your life. Emotions can’t control you anymore, you are the master of your emotions.

Your ego will try to trick you into your old state of being. You are now acquiring skills to handle that. Become the supervisor, the observer, the CEO of your emotions.


When I met Daniel for the first time, it was for a small film project and we talked for hours on the first phone call.

Back then my passion was still a part-time job and he said back then why don't you make it your job.

He has a very positive mindset and is constantly working on it. I have the same attitude and values myself and constant further education in terms of personality development.

In the long time that we have known each other, he repeatedly gave me important and challenging food for thought.  Today I work in my own company and follow my passion.

His inputs also made an important contribution to this.  I am very grateful for that and can warmly recommend him.

Manuel Mandis // Founder & CEO // Mandis Productions

I was struggling to find myself and do so something great with my life, until I reached out to Dan and he accepted to coach me

Such a wonderful person with lots of ambition! and so open hearted to bring out the best in anyone

They've been a tremendous change in the way I think and the way I do things since I became his student..

Michael Anthony // Content Marketer