Daniel G

# Why am I doing this?

Hi, my name is Daniel G

Here's part of my story. Why am I doing this? Because if I can change, if I can pivot my life completely from a pessimistic drunk, from a negative loser mindset to a winner, successful thinking, feeling and living, to becoming a better partner, lover and businessman, so then you can too

Daniel G
Who Am I?

Businessman, Loving Husband, Godfather, Man, former drunk for over 30 years, former needle junkie, former full-time
asshole, empathetic, extremely sensitive, even childlike naive at times and full throttle for the men I coach

What Is It That Drives Me?

I enjoy helping people, seeing fantastic human beings waking up, being amazed at what's actually possible and falling in love with their evolution. Because I saw in my own life what's possible if we dare ask for help I live it every day with joy, happiness and bliss.

My Higher Purpose

Is to show human beings that we are not slaves, not working robots but highly spiritual, divine and extremely powerful

Is to make people see our world as what it is; Paradise and life are a gift, a path we chose as an experience to make our higher consciousness understand what life is.

Is to help people increase their brain activity to see beyond the illusion, and the lies and to become empathetic, telepathic and eventually telekinetic.