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Hi, my name is Daniel G

I hope you watched the video above because I wanted to share something deep and truthful that I don't think enough people realize.

Do you know that feeling of wanting to change but not knowing where to start?

I had so many creative and fantastic ideas but the thought of getting started just felt too overwhelming

We all have awesome ideas,we all want to change and we all struggle sometimes

So I got a coach and that changed things a lot

This is what I learned ...

Everybody talks about hurdles, stepping out of the comfort zone, becoming the best version of ourselves...

... But

Only a few are talking about the things holding us back that we aren't even aware of ...

That's why I love working with my coach because he tells me things that I never would have thought of.

I can tell you that I have achieved goals I never even dared to imagine ...

... like publishing a book in 2 weeks, don't mean to brag, I simply want to show you that having someone by our side, helping us, pushing us, giving us totally new points of view is gold and

It allows us to achieve things we never thought possible.

Sia Urroz
Sia Urroz

Daniel is amazing to work with.

He helped me to see my strengths and also some cycles that were holding me back.

He is very approachable and easy to talk to about all matters related to life and career goals.

Daniel is an insightful, thoughtful and caring coach.

So, if you want someone at your side, overcoming things together that you struggle with, that you think are impossible to solve I've got two packages ready (See below). Choose the one you think fits best.

But the most important part is that I enjoy helping people

seeing fantastic human beings waking up

being amazed at what's actually possible

falling in love with their evolution

Because I saw what's possible if we dare

Ask For Help

I live it every day with joy, happiness and bliss.

Maybe you now think that I'm something special, one of a kind... The truth is

We All Are One Of A Kind, A Unique Divine Creative Being Capable of Anything We Want

I've overcome a lot of struggles and failures... I was a needle junkie, an alcoholic. More than once I was close to giving up and accepting mediocrity.

Then, a terrible car accident woke me up ...
(I know that's the classic cliché but heck, it's the truth, plain and simple)

I learned that nobody is mediocre, everybody is an amazing and unique and powerful being with potentials that we often aren't even aware of having.

How would you feel if a few weeks from now you'd look back and see amazing progress in your life?

I overcame all struggles and roadblocks.

Guess what ...

I asked for help

Yes, you read that right

Getting help from people who understand our struggles and hurdles,
people whose passion is to see others succeed is not being weak,

On the contrary, it shows greatness and self-awareness.

Eveline Zoccolillo
Eveline Zoccolillo
Founder & CEO,
Bolso GmbH

I met Daniel Gasser through BNI networking some years ago.

His sensitivity to sense the core of the problem and his down to earth competence are two outstanding enrichments.

Soon I became his client and he coached me for a business matter and application to learn how to get the most out of my interview & leave best possible impression.

Daniel is not only fantastic in rhetoric and how he does explain matters but also how he guides you to be strong from inside.

I could only recommend Daniel and certainly would work with him again.

Thank you, Daniel.

Now, if you would have told me a few years ago that I would not be drinking anymore, that I would be a successful businessman, and that I would be helping others to succeed too...

I probably would have laughed at you...

So, let me ask you again...

What is it you want to achieve, overcome, or get sorted?

Perhaps, together we could get you a step further in your life

Think about it ...

But not too long! Time's running....

I Want You To Understand That You Are A Creator.

  • So that you are in your power
  • So that you recognise the paradise that is the earth
  • So that you can fully realise your potential to create something new without first having to destroy something else.

So If You Feel Brave And Courageous

(I know you are, otherwise you wouldn't still be reading this)

  • 3 Things That Most People Don't Do
  • 3 Videos Showing You What Most People Don't Do To Get Over Hurdles


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  • 1. Boost your Energy with the "Matrix Breathing"
  • 2. Identify your biggest hurdle
  • 3. Define the first easy steps to overcome your biggest hurdle
  • 2 one-to-one calls to get you started


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  • 1. Make the "Matrix Breathing" a habit
  • 2. Identify all your hurdles
  • 3. Overcome these hurdles ony by one in easily doable steps
  • 12 one-to-one calls to keep you going even faster


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Manuel Mandis
Manuel Mandis
Founder & CEO,
Mandis Productions

When I met Daniel for the first time, it was for a small film project and we talked for hours on the first phone call.

Back then my passion was still a part-time job and he said back then why don't you make it your job.

He has a very positive mindset and is constantly working on it. I have the same attitude and values myself and constant further education in terms of personality development.

In the long time that we have known each other, he repeatedly gave me important and challenging food for thought.  Today I work in my own company and follow my passion.

His inputs also made an important contribution to this.  I am very grateful for that and can warmly recommend him.

Or ....

If you want to see what we can achieve together and shift up a gear right away

Jump on a call and get more clarity and maybe even some aha-moments