# What people have to say


Letting go, is not easy!

I've read and practiced it for many years but didn't get there.

The art of letting go starts with understanding your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And then have a safe space to work on yourself. Daniel provided me with that space and expanded my consciousness to understand the obstacles that were preventing me from living a conscious life.

I highly recommend him as a coach to help remove blocks that are preventing you from living your full life and motivating you from his personal life experiences. He helped me find that balance both in my personal and professional life.

Tarun Dwivedi // Cloud, Infrastructure & Services | Cybersecurity

In August of 2023 I found myself out of work and struggling with what to do and my next steps. Daniel reached out to me and asked if I'd like to have a discussion on what I could possibly do and how to address how I was feeling about the transition.

Although Daniel typically coaches men, He took the time to talk with me. We went over how I should move forward, he gave me encouraging words, sound advice and overall gave me the encouragement towards healing. We were able to develop a professional relationship through trust and conversation.

I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who needs help transitioning through difficult times. He's trustworthy, kind hearted but stern in his manners. Life is difficult. Why not have someone amazing help you through the rough patches? We all need help sometimes.
Daniel is an amazing human being who has a gift to encourage others to be better.

Loren Benberry //

Daniel is amazing to work with.

He helped me to see my strengths and also some cycles that were holding me back.

He is very approachable and easy to talk to about all matters related to life and career goals.

Daniel is an insightful, thoughtful and caring coach.


As a coach Daniel G is genuine, authentic, passionate and knowledgeable. He knows how to push you to do the uncomfortable while still feeling cared for and safe. Working with Daniel will open your mind and heart to things you didn’t know were there.

Sam Morgan // Lean Coach

I was struggling to find myself and do so something great with my life, until I reached out to Dan and he accepted to coach me

Such a wonderful person with lots of ambition! and so open hearted to bring out the best in anyone

They've been a tremendous change in the way I think and the way I do things since I became his student..

Michael Anthony // Content Marketer

Not only did I admire this ☝🏼 man within moments from listening to him, but we’ve also built a lasting and meaningful relationship. I love, Dan! Learn from him how to tap into your spirituality, get out of your comfort zone, crush your fear, and build your bulletproof future! 💜

Bachar Naamani //

I worked with Daniel on his men's mental health coaching program, Although am a woman I was able to learn a lot from him such as emotional intelligence, not living in the past and above all he was a kind person who motivated me to start my own project and thrive.

Cecilia Ayebare //

I met Daniel Gasser through BNI networking some years ago. His sensitivity to sense the core of the problem and his down to earth competence are two outstanding enrichments.

Soon I became his client and he coached me for a business matter and application to learn how to get the most out of my interview & leave best possible impression.

Daniel is not only fantastic in rhetoric and how he does explain matters but also how he guides you to be strong from inside. I could only recommend Daniel and certainly would work with him again.
Thank you, Daniel.

Eveline Zoccolillo // Founder and CEO of Zoccolillo GmbH. Premium handbags made of bio-organic cactus leather

If you're exhausted of keeping the tough exterior up, reach out to Daniel, and he'll get you sorted. Daniel is an incredible coach, and I came out of my session with Daniel with clarity and actionable steps I can take moving forward. I could not recommend him enough!

Beatrice Gutknecht //

There’s certain people that will enter your life and make the whole Universe Awaken.
This is Daniel. I cannot appreciate and thank him enough for allowing me to be in his world.
There’s days when I’m down, beat and miserable to deal with and a simple conversation with him just washed my fears away.
I can say a million more words but I’ve only known him for a week.
If you’re ever in need to bring your spirits up seek out Daniel. He’s an amazing individual.

Thanks Again Dan.. Cyber Hugs From Me & My Family To Yours

Niccole Seay //