The Matrix Breathing

# Empower yourself

Easy Doable Breathing Technic - Highly Effective

The Matrix Breathing

This is a breathing technic I developed after watching the movie "Matrix". In the above scene, Neo breathes inside the Matrix and makes the corridor expand.

It is easy to learn. Here are the 6 steps


Preferably you'll find yourself in nature, in a quiet place. Leave your smartphone at home or at least put it into flight mode

  1. Stand tall, feet shoulder-wide apart and close your eyes
  2. Relax but keep your back straight without putting tension into your muscles
  3. Inhale slowly and deeply several times
  4. Now comes the "Matrix Breathing": While inhaling, imagine and visualize your environment expanding as in the clip above.
  5. When exhaling imagine now the environment wobbling back into its initial state.
  6. Let your imagination flow and if it helps, know that you actually are the creator of your life and environment.

You will experience, with a little practice, that this breathing technic will make your energy expand and will put you in a state of calm confidence and security